JAK&CO is owned and operated by husband & wife team, James & Kelly.
After meeting in London and living in numerous cities such as Seoul & Dubai, the couple decided it was time to put everything on the line and create their own home decor & art inspired concept store. They also cater for Graphic Design and Photography Projects. eg: logo/website design, profile portraits and food photography. Taking inspiration from travel and her fashion/photography background, Kelly is Head Buyer and Merchandiser.
"Make your home your own! You don't have to follow a trend, that's why we have such an eclectic selection of art, furniture and décor.  We are here to help with the selection but really we want to find out about you.... what are your passions, hobbies, favourite places to travel. And of course what feeling do you want when you're in your space? Inspired? Relaxed? Elegant?"
James is a well know British photographer who spent a decade in Dubai traveling and creating art and photography based products. With his Graphic Design experience and love for design he is the Art Director for JAK&CO.
"isn't it amazing when you enter a room and your eye is drawn to an artwork or sculpture? It's always a talking point and says something about you.  I have a very eclectic eye for art, whether it's striking fine art photography or a signed edition from a Street Artist. 
We look forward to meeting you!
J (James) A (daughter Ava) K (Kelly)